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LL.M. Curriculum and Program Tracks

Georgia State Law’s LL.M. Program for Foreign-Trained Lawyers builds on our J.D. program, which has achieved national distinction in a relatively short time.

LL.M. graduates will be well equipped to assume leadership positions in their legal institutions, including law firms with an international practice, the judiciary and government, and in law faculties and those of related disciplines in their home countries. Our program will help you achieve this through:

  • teaching you the skills essential to practicing American law
  • enhancing how you counsel clients when negotiating with U.S. businesses and entities
  • offering you internship interaction with U.S. lawyers
  • facilitating a means to create your global network of contacts
  • providing opportunities to refine and validate your English language skills

The LL.M. program has two tracks:

  • FLEXIBLE STUDIES (Track 1) enables students to customize their study and concentrate in particular areas, such as intellectual property, health law, land use and urban growth, conflict resolution and others, or to personalize their studies.
  • BAR PREPARATION (Track 2) allows students to focus on the requirements necessary to sit for a bar exam in a qualifying state, such as Georgia or New York. Georgia now allows foreign-trained lawyers to sit for its exam after completing a bar-focused LL.M. curriculum.

Both tracks include skills-training options.

Full-time LL.M. students must complete the program in nine months.

The LL.M. program director must approve each LL.M. student’s course schedule in advance. No exceptions.

The flexible studies track enables you to customize your study and concentrate in particular areas.

Our rich curriculum allows you to design an individual course of study tailored to your academic and professional needs and interests. At the same time, you gain a solid foundation in American law and the skills-training essential for understanding the workings of the American legal system.

If you complete at least 12 credit hours of prescribed coursework in a particular area with a satisfactory grade-point average, you may become certified in that specialty. Georgia State Law will consider, on an individual basis, an independent study proposal for certification in a specialized area.

Writing Requirement

Students who wish to be certified in a particular legal specialty area must complete a substantial research paper under faculty guidance. Most students satisfy this requirement by completing a writing seminar paper or a directed research project for at least two credit hours that includes a substantial research paper reflecting legal research and analysis in your area of specialization.

Students in either track may satisfy part of their degree requirements by completing graduate-level courses in other Georgia State departments. Advanced approval for all non-law courses is required by the LL.M. Program director and the associate dean of academic affairs. Enrollment in most courses within and outside of the College of Law is limited and not all courses are available. Some courses require prerequisites; admission to those courses will require careful planning and may not always be possible.
The  bar preparation track focuses on helping you meet the requirements to sit for the Georgia bar examination, as well as those of other jurisdictions that permit foreign-trained LL.M. students to do so.

Georgia allows foreign-trained lawyers to take the bar examination after completing a prescribed, bar-focused LL.M. curriculum. Additional information about the new State Bar of Georgia rules:

Our curriculum is specially tailored to assure students of the best possible preparation at the lowest possible cost.

Full-time students in the Georgia bar track – those who plan to complete their LL.M. and take the Georgia bar examination – must complete their degree in the spring semester to be eligible for the summer Georgia bar exam.

Track 2 Curriculum

Our bar preparation track curriculum is designed to meet the specific requirements of the Georgia Board of Bar Examiners.

Fall Semester (13 hours)

*Students are required to take Constitutional Law, either Constitutional Law I in the fall
or Constitutional Law II in the spring.

Introduction to U.S. Law 2 credit hours
Lawyering Foundations 3 credit hours
Civil Procedure I 3 credit hours
Professional Responsibility 2 credit hours
Constitutional Law I* or Group 1 or 2 Elective 3 credit hours


Spring Semester (15 or 16 hours)

*Students are required to take either Constitutional Law I in the fall
or Constitutional Law II in the spring.

Constitutional Law II* or Group 1 or 2 Elective 3 credit hours
Group 1 Elective 3 credit hours
Group 2 Elective 3 credit hours
Civil Procedure II 3 credit hours
Elective 3 or 4 credit hours


Group 1 Electives
  • Administrative Law (3 credit hours)
  • Contracts I (3 credit hours) in fall only
  • Contracts II (3 credit hours)
  • Corporations (3 credit hours)
  • Evidence (4 credit hours) in fall only
  • Property (4 credit hours) in spring only
  • Sales (3 credit hours)
  • Secured Transactions (3 credit hours)
Group 2 Electives
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 credit hours)
  • Bankruptcy (3 credit hours)
  • Criminal Procedure: Investigations (3 credit hours)
  • Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (3 credit hours)
  • Family Law (3 credit hours)
  • Fundamentals of Law Practice (3 credit hours)
  • Legislation (3 credit hours)
  • Wills, Trusts and Estates (3 credit hours)

Track 2 students from Common Law countries who are eligible to practice law there may apply for a waiver of the Group 2 Elective Requirements. The waiver is at the discretion of the LL.M. program director or his or her designee.
Track 2 students who wish to take the bar examination in a state other than Georgia must consult the requirements of that state to assure their course of study will meet those requirements. The Track 2 curriculum is designed to specifically meet the requirements of the Georgia Board of Bar Examiners. 
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