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LL.M. Program

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Today’s interconnected world of business and law requires attorneys with global competency more than ever before – in every corner of the earth. A master of law (LL.M.) is the primary vehicle by which foreign-trained lawyers can accomplish this.

“An LL.M. from a U.S. law school has become an important calling card for attorneys across the globe.”
— National Jurist  (November 2012)

Georgia State Law, which consistently ranks among the best values in legal education, offers an LL.M. program specifically for lawyers trained abroad who want to advance their careers with a post-graduate law degree that can then qualify them to practice law in the United States.

We offer two program tracks that can:

  • INCREASE your knowledge of American law and practice, including U.S. customs and mores, and the types of critical-thinking skills that will enable you to successfully collaborate with U.S.-trained lawyers;
  • PREPARE you to take the state bar examination for Georgia, New York or another U.S. jurisdiction; and
  • ACHIEVE certification in one of several specialty areas.

Completion of the Georgia State Law LL.M. program will position you to excel in a global society in which leadership requires experience in collaborating with international teams. The school’s diverse student body, connections locally, nationally and abroad, and location in the heart of a dynamic international city all contribute to this. Our faculty and students work with civic, business and policy leaders from across the globe who will empower you to solve complex problems that challenge cities worldwide.

Read Lisa Liang’s (J.D. ’08) Law Week recap story in the Atlanta Lawyer on page 10. via @GeorgiaStateLaw 4 hours ago