Consider an LL.M. degree with a concentration in a rapidly expanding field such as Health Law, Intellectual Property, Land Use and Urban Growth; or tailor a curriculum that matches your personal interests and goals.

Foreign-trained lawyers who complete Georgia State Law’s LL.M. program will become equipped to assume leadership positions in a variety of legal institutions, including law firms with an international practice, the judiciary and government, and in law faculties in their home countries.

Our program will help you achieve this through:

  • teaching you the skills essential to understand American law
  • enhancing your familiarity with American legal language and concepts
  • interacting with American law students and faculty
  • facilitating a means to create your global network of contacts
  • providing opportunities to refine and validate your English language skills
General Studies Curriculum

Our rich curriculum allows you to choose from one of Georgia State Law’s center-based programs or to design an individualized course of study tailored to your academic and professional needs and interests. At the same time, you gain a solid foundation in American law and the workings of the American legal system.

Completing and mastering skills learned, in a prescribed legal area of coursework can open opportunities for professionals to be recognized as specialists in that area. Georgia State Law will consider, on an individual basis, an independent study proposal in an specialized area.

  • Note: A General Studies LL.M. from Georgia State Law does not qualify you to take the Georgia Bar Examination.
Fall Semester (13 credit hours)
Introduction to U.S. Law 3 credit hours*
Lawyering Skills for LL.M. Students 3 credit hours*
Elective 3 credit hours*
Elective 3 credit hours*
Elective 3 credit hours

Total Fall Semester Full-Time = 13 hours

*First-year, fall semester, part-time only required courses = 10 hours

Spring Semester (13 credit hours)
Legal Writing and Analysis for LL.M. Students 3 credit hours*
Research Methods in Law 1 credit hour*
Elective 3 credit hours*
Elective 4 credit hours

Total Spring Semester Full Time = 13 hours

*Total first-year, spring semester part-time hours = 9 hours

**In their second year, part-time students take a minimum of seven hours to complete their degree requirements of 26 hours. They may take additional hours as appropriate for their individual program.

Writing Requirement

There is no formal General Studies writing requirement. However, students may choose to complete a substantial research paper under faculty guidance by writing a seminar paper or by completing a directed research project that reflects substantial legal research and analysis in your area of interest or specialization.

Access to Courses Beyond the College of Law

You may satisfy part of your degree requirements by completing graduate-level courses in other Georgia State departments. Advanced approval for all non-law courses is required by the LL.M. Program director and the college’s associate dean for academic affairs. Enrollment in most courses within and outside of the College of Law is limited and not all courses are available. Some courses require prerequisites; admission to those courses will require careful planning and may not always be possible.

The LL.M. program director or the associate dean must approve each LL.M. student’s course schedule in advance. There are no exceptions.