Law Alumni Council

2015-2016 Law Alumni Council

2015-2016 Law Alumni Council
(Left to right, top to bottom) Todd Westfall (J.D.’85), Vice President Anne Lewis (J.D.’89), President Jerri Nims Rooker (J.D.’03), Secretary Brett Switzer (J.D.’12), Marlo Leach (J.D.’94), Dean Steve Kaminshine, Dawn Smith (J.D.’89), Jennifer Wheeler (J.D.’87), Alice Limehouse (J.D.’03), Stephanie Everett (J.D.’02), Josh Schiffer (J.D.’02), Chris Chan (J.D.’98), C.R. Wright (J.D.’93), Shelley Momo (J.D.’08), Sweta Patel (J.D.’10), Kim Hermann (J.D.’10), Brian McCarthy (J.D.’04), Chris Chitty (J.D.’09), Michelli Rivera (J.D.’14), Jennifer Ivey (J.D.’10), Lauren Smith (J.D.’13), Maria Batres (J.D.’11), Ramona Condell (J.D.’13), Jeffrey Connelly (J.D.’12), Bob Watts (J.D.’14), Allison Averbuch (J.D.’15), Anamaria Hazard (J.D.’15)

All College of Law graduates are automatically enrolled as members of the Georgia State Law Alumni Association. The association is governed by the Law Alumni Council, comprising representatives from each graduating class and regional chapter.

The Law Alumni Council advises the college in matters relating to alumni interests. Its primary responsibilities include:

  • advancing the college’s mission and strategic plans
  • furthering Georgia State Law’s reputation as a top-tier institution that offers a student-centered education
  • supporting fundraising efforts
  • promoting interaction among alumni, students and the broader community
  • working cooperatively with the dean, the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, administration and faculty to enrich our college’s profile and to cultivate professional opportunities for our students
  • advising and counseling the dean

For more information about the Law Alumni Council, contact Ely Abbott, director of development, 404-413-9022.

2015-2016 Council Roster

Executive Committee
Jerri Nims Rooker (J.D.’03), Teach Every Nation, Inc. (President)
Anne Lewis (J.D.’89), Strickland, Brockington, Lewis, LLP (Vice President)
Brett Switzer (J.D.’12), Baker, Donelson, Bearman, Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC (Secretary)

Class Representatives
Todd Westfall (J.D.’85), Howick, Westfall, McBryan & Kaplan, LLP
Jennifer Wheeler (J.D.’87), King & Spalding LLP
Sterling Eaves (J.D.’88)
Dawn Smith (J.D.’89), Smith & Lake LLC
C.R. Wright (J.D.’93), Fisher & Phillips, LLP
Marlo Leach (J.D.’94), Gonzalez Saggio & Harlan LLP
Kim Dammers (J.D.’97), United States Attorney’s Office/Northern District Court of Georgia
Chris Chan (J.D.’98), Sutherland
Tunde Akinyele (J.D.’00), Akinyele Law Firm
Stephanie Everett (J.D.’02), Stephanie Everett Consulting, LLC
Josh Schiffer (J.D.’02), Chanco Schiffer
Brian Sumrall (J.D.’02), The Law Office of Brian H. Sumrall
Brian McCarthy (J.D.’04), Law Office of Brian C. McCarthy, P.C.
Elizabeth Ames (J.D.’05), Oldcastle Law
Ramsey Knowles (J.D.’05), Taylor English
Jodi Taylor (J.D.’06), Baker Donelson
Mazie Lynn Causey (J.D.’07)
Shelley Momo (J.D.’08), Carreras & Lemoine
Eric Teusink (J.D.’08), Williams Teusink
J. Chris Chitty (J.D.’09), Gomel, Davis & Watson, LLP
C. Noelle Whitmire (J.D.’09), Jones Day
Kim Hermann (J.D.’10), Southeastern Legal Foundation
Jennifer Ivey (J.D.’10), Jennifer Ivey Law Group
Sweta Patel (J.D.’10)
Maria Batres (J.D.’11), Fulton County Solicitor’s Office
Braxton Davis (J.D.’11), Turocy & Watson, LLP
Jeffrey Connelly (J.D.’12), Fulton County District Attorney’s Office
Ramona Condell (J.D.’13), Fulton County Juvenile Court
Scott DeLay (J.D.’13), Coppedge & Associates, P.C.
David Emadi (J.D.’13), Douglas County District Attorney’s Office
Lauren Smith (J.D.’13), Kupferman & Golden Attorneys at Law
Michelli Rivera            (J.D.’14), Fisher & Phillips, LLP
Robert Watts (J.D.’14), Jones Day
Allison Averbuch (J.D.’15), Jones Day
Kevin Coleman (J.D.’15), Troutman Sanders
J. Eric Gregory (J.D.’15), Motorcars of Georgia
Anamaria Hazard (J.D.’15), City of Atlanta

Regional Representatives       
Alice Limehouse (J.D.’03), Alice W. Limehouse Family Law (Decatur)
Kevin Mitchell (J.D.’09), Enotah Circuit, White County D.A.’s Office (N.Georgia)