HeLP Legal Services Clinic


Clinics are an excellent way for students to explore focus areas and gain legal experience. You’ll apply theories and skills learned in the classroom and begin real legal work, even representing clients or working with judges. Clinical education is based upon theory, action and reflection. In clinics, students meet regularly with clinical faculty supervisors, who provide valuable guidance and feedback on their legal work. Learning is tailored to the student’s development and learning goals.

Center for Clinical Programs

In-House Clinics

Our three in-house clinics, HeLP Legal Services Clinic, Investor Advocacy Clinic, Philip C. Cook Low Income Taxpayer Clinic, operate as a law firm in the Center for Clinical Education, where they serve clients who cannot afford legal help. Clinic students develop their legal skills by directly representing clients. These real lawyering experiences provide rich opportunities for students to learn about the lawyer’s role and ethical engagement.

HeLP Legal Services Clinic

Students develop professional skills in a variety of civil subject matter areas by representing low-income children receiving health care services at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta facilities.

Investor Advocacy Clinic

Student interns represent and counsel small investors who are victims of broker misconduct and cannot afford or find private legal representation because of the size of their claims.

Philip C. Cook Low-Income Taxpayer Clinic

The tax clinic promotes professional skills and training as students represent low-income people during the post-audit stage of their Internal Revenue Service disputes.

Off-Site Clinics

Students take clinical courses and perform legal work off-site in the areas of criminal law and mediation under the supervision of adjunct faculty.

Capital Defender Clinic

Capital Defender Clinic students help the capital defender attorneys effectively represent individuals facing the death penalty, and build factual and legal narratives that will lead to the reversal of death sentences on appeal.

Landlord-Tenant Mediation Clinic

Landlord-Tenant Mediation Clinic students receive training and certification as registered neutrals. They mediate landlord/tenant disputes and other disputes, including cases handled in the State and Magistrate courts; particularly small claim civil issues such as disputes between neighbors, consumers and businesses and creditors and debtors.

Olmstead Disability Rights Clinic

Taught in partnership with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society’s Disability Integration Project, the clinic focuses on advocacy arising out of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Olmstead decision.