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Charitable IP Golf Tournament (CIP CUP®)

The CIP CUP® Annual Charitable IP Golf Tournament helps provide funds for IP scholarships at Georgia State Law, as well as for other community services in need, such as Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts and the Public Law Initiative. This fall event provides an opportunity for the intellectual property community to gather for a day to give back, have outdoor fun and network with one another.

The 2013 tournament raised $10,100, and the winner was IP Investments Group. Previous winners include Woodcock Washburn in 2012, Kilpatrick Townsend and AT&T in 2011 and Thomson Reuters IP Solutions in 2010.

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Save the date for the 2014 CIP CUP® Charity Intellectual Property Golf Tournament: Monday, Oct. 13.

For further details, including participation or sponsorship information, please contact Todd Obijeski or Cheryl Tubach.

2013 Sponsors


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