Corporate IP Roundtable

The ongoing Corporate Intellectual Property Roundtable® – a partnership between Georgia State Law and the J. Mack Robinson College of Business – provides an exclusive forum for corporate counsel and IP personnel to exchange information, ideas and best practices in the area of intellectual property. The forum meets twice a year, with the first meeting – known as the IP Roundtable Kickoff – featuring a prominent speaker on intellectual property.


Presentations for the Corporate IP Roundtable are usually prepared and presented by panelists from local law firms. In addition to discussing strategy and budgeting, presentations cover IP topics such as:

  • IP Inside the Company, including incentives, senior management buy-in, culture, internal public relations, training and employee/vendor agreements
  • IP Marketing, including prioritization, licensing and selling
  • IP Enforcement/Defense, including approaching infringers and responding to offers to license
  • IP Asset Development, including prioritization, quality, cost and timeliness

2014 Event Chairs

Co-chairs for the roundtable are IP Advisory Board members Jackie Hutter of The Hutter Group and Kent Stier (J.D. ’99) of Merchant & Gould.