Seeking Justice: Unlikely Partnership Yields New Law to Save Lives

Robin Elliott often tells the story of how her son, Zack, died, but it never gets easier. Each time, she relives how her 21-year-old son was found dead in the backseat of a car, because his friends were too afraid to call 911 when he overdosed.

Because they were high, his friends didn’t stop at… more »

Fall Courses

Posted On April 21, 2014
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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:30-10:15 a.m. LAW 5000/81255 Civil Procedure I: Sobelson 170

LAW 7005/88981 Accounting for Lawyers: Williams (9-11:45 a.m.) 201-60

LAW 7101/88976 Corporations: Tucker 675-58

LAW 7158/88980 Copyrights: Landau 330-36 LAW 5060/81261 Torts: Timmons (9–10:40)  170

LAW 5060/81262 Torts: Hensel (9-10:40) 100

LAW 6090/82905 HeLP I  Legal Services Clinic

LAW 6091/84980 HeLP… more »

Lisa Bobb (J.D. ’11)

It touches all of our daily lives in a major way.

It governs everything from our freedom to how we work and raise our families.

Understanding our laws, how they are implemented, and enforced is critical because it affects all of us in a major way.

Lisa Bobb (J.D. ’11) is an assistant solicitor-general with… more »

University Services

Posted On November 1, 2013

As a student at Georgia State Law there are a number of university services that are available to you. Here is information on several of them.

Counseling Center

The Division of Student Affairs maintains a Counseling and Testing Center in the Citizen’s Trust Building on Piedmont Avenue. Accredited by the International Association of Counseling… more »

31 Years of Generosity

Posted On May 21, 2013

“Before Google, there was Jim, and I’d venture to say his signal to noise ratio is better,” said Patrick Wiseman, professor of law, in tribute to James L. Bross, retiring professor of law and founding faculty member of the college.

“He’s a font of information, much of it useful,” Wiseman said during Bross’s retirement luncheon… more »

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