Faculty recruitment

Interview Process

Posted On October 22, 2013

Job Talk

As part of the interview process, Georgia State Law requires each faculty candidate to present a “job talk” to members of our faculty, in which you demonstrate your teaching ability and scholarly interests.

The job talk gives evidence of your promise as a teacher. We do not expect junior faculty candidates to be… more »


Posted On October 22, 2013

Externship Teaching Positions

Georgia State University College of Law seeks applications for two part-time lecturer positions in its Externship Program. The successful candidates will work on a 12-month contract, 20 hours per week. Appointment will begin on or before Monday, June 1.

The part-time lecturers will teach a newly designed one-credit hour mandatory… more »

Juergensmeyer Publishes Book on Impact Fees

When a local government is trying to find revenue to fund the construction and improvement of public infrastructure, it often turns to impact fees levied on new development, using the money to offset the cost of the services required by that development.

But what effect do the fees, which may be ultimately passed on to… more »

Curcio Voted Professor of the Year

Nearly 14 years ago, Andi Curcio turned down John Edwards’ offer to join his North Carolina law firm so she could accept a teaching post at Georgia State University College of Law.

Curcio, who enjoyed practicing with Edwards, told him she wanted to teach for a year to see if she liked it. If she… more »