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Posted On October 14, 2015

Organization Office Officers Labor and Employment Law Society Mission:

The Labor & Employment Law Society’s (LELS) mission is to allow law students to network with one another, increase their exposure to labor and employment law practitioners, develop their knowledge of current labor and employment law issues, and share information among members regarding career… more »

Posted On October 7, 2015

Organization Office Officers James Oglethorpe Legal Society Mission:

The Oglethorpe Legal Society is a group of Students and Alumni who seek to interact together and promote fellowship between Students of the Georgia State College of Law and The State Bar.

441 President Sheila Kazemian – skazemian1­student.gsu.edu Vice President David Douds – more »

Posted On October 7, 2015

Organization Office Officers International Comparative Law Society Mission:

To promote the study of international law and legal topics such as international human rights, state-to-state relations, and international business issues. To strengthen ties between its students members and the legal community.

441 President Baxter Russell – rrussell12­student.gsu.edu


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Posted On October 7, 2015

Organization Office Officers Intellectual Property Law Society Mission:

Provide members with opportunities to network with practicing IP attorneys. To learn more about Intellectual Property art and technology issues, and also provide a forum for students to work together to build their legal careers.

441 President David Pierce – piercedavidh­gmail.com Treasurer Jarter Gao… more »

‘Make Us Proud’ Justice Hines Tells Students

15 Second-Year Students, One Third-Year Student Sworn in to Practice Under the Revised Georgia Student Practice Rule

“What a wonderful opportunity this is for you all. As the first group of students to practice law your second year, you have a great responsibility,” Presiding Justice Harris P. Hines of the Supreme Court of… more »

Posted On September 30, 2015

Organization Office Officers Family Law Society Mission:

The organization is dedicated to creating awareness about legal issues relating to family law including but not limited to traditional families, mixed families, marriages, divorces, adoptions, domestic violence, family courts, and attorneys. Our primary focus is on the unique role of the legal profession within a… more »

Posted On September 30, 2015

Organization Office Officers Federalist Society Mission:

To embrace the principle that the state exists to preserve freedom, the separation of governmental powers is central to the integrity of the Constitution, and that it is province and duty of judiciary to say what the law is and not what is should be. To promote… more »

Posted On September 30, 2015

Organization Office Officers Estate Planning & Wealth Management Law  Society Mission:

The Estate Planning and Wealth Management Law Society, or the “EPWM”, exists to educate, inform, and connect students with the professional community practicing in the areas of:

Estate Planning Probate Trusts Wills, and related Tax Law

The EPWM seeks to… more »