Experiential Learning

Georgia Innocence Project Offering Real-World Lessons

Externs Explore Effects of Overburdened Criminal Justice System

Kylie Jones (J.D. ’17) and Karyn Pagnotta (J.D. ’17) sift through stacks of letters from Georgia inmates—some new, some over a decade old. Many claim innocence of the crimes they were convicted of —murder, sexual assault, burglary. Some complain about conditions in prison.

Boxes of evidence and… more »

Kylie Jones (J.D. '17)

Learning To Think Like an Investigator

Real World Lessons

Reading through the case files as an extern with the Georgia Innocence Project has been an eye-opening experience. Read more>>

The externship with the Georgia Innocence Project is teaching Kylie Jones (J.D. ’17) that being a lawyer in a criminal case… more »

Wolf inducted into Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars

Wolf To Represent Lawyers in Society of Scholars

From doctors to historians, philosophers to engineers, the Johns Hopkins Society of Scholars comprises more than 600 of the most influential and pioneering minds in the world. But since its founding in 1969, the society has not included a single lawyer among its illustrious ranks—until now.

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Building a Culture of Human Rights

Every December, Human Rights Day challenges us to confront the most pressing human rights crises. This year, many in government and civil society will be focused on the Syrian refugee crisis and other urgent human rights situations. The seemingly endless stream of human rights emergencies demands immediate action. At some point, however, we also… more »

Moot Court Team Fares Well at Macon LEAP Competition

Georgia State University College of Law’s Moot Court team advanced to quarterfinals at the Legal Ethics and Professionalism (LEAP) Moot Court Competition on Nov. 12-14 at Mercer University School of Law in Macon.

The team of Meghan Gordon (J.D. ’17), Chris Guthrie (J.D. ’17) and Peter Skaliy (J.D. ’17) was coached by Chris Daniels… more »

Posted On October 14, 2015

Organization Office Officers Student Trial Lawyers Association Mission:

To educate and train the future litigators in Georgia. To allow each student participant to learn and grow far beyond any level they could through only the curriculum of law school.

Website 444 President Baxter Russell – rrussell12student.gsu.edu Vice President Christine Lee – more »

Posted On October 14, 2015

Organization Office Officers Student Health Law Association Mission:

To provide an organization for students with a legal interest in the healthcare field. Any student who is interested in health law issues, opportunities, and programs is encouraged to join.

Website 441 3L President Choyce Middleton – cmiddleton10student.gsu.edu 2L President Sakinah Jones – more »

Posted On October 14, 2015

Organization Office Officers Student Bar Association Mission:

To serve the student body by acting as an advocate of all academic concerns, a promoter of student life, and a coordinator of all those peripheral functions that are integral to the achievement of academic excellence.

Website 443 President Quinn Kane – quinn.kaneyahoo.com Vice… more »

Posted On October 14, 2015

Organization Office Officers Sports & Entertainment Law Mission:

To promote law school and its students in the Sports and Entertainment network in Atlanta. To provide information to our members concerning different opportunities in the Sports and Entertainment law field.

441 President Robert “Bob” Davis – bobdavis8989­gmail.com Vice President, Sports Michael Seymour – more »