Dual-Degree Applicants

Gordan Hartman, dual degrees, law, tax, Class of 2013
“You can learn the law to some degree in a classroom and from a book, but once you get into practice, things are different. These experiences have shown me how different it is and prepared me to go out and begin work immediately.”

Gordon Hartman (J.D./M.Tx. ’13)

Attorney with Ernst & Young in Atlanta

Georgia State Law offers nine dual degrees for individuals interested in doubling up to obtain a J.D. and master’s degree in selected areas. Things to know:

  • Students must apply and be accepted to the College of Law using the first-year applicants process.
  • You must also apply and be accepted to the other graduate school offering the dual degree you are seeking.
  • In most cases, the dual-degree program allows you to complete both degrees in a shorter period of time than if you pursued both degrees separately.
  • If you receive a Georgia State Law scholarship, it is available only during the years you are enrolled as a law student.

The College of Law offers eight dual-degree programs through collaborations with other Georgia State University colleges:

And one dual degree with the Georgia Institute of Technology:

These programs allow some selected course work in each program to satisfy requirements in the other.

Applicants must be accepted by both colleges. Interested applicants should contact the appropriate colleges for application procedures and materials.

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