Congratulations to the 2017-18 Urban Fellows

Urban Fellows Program

Georgia State University College of Law’s Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth welcomes 30 new Urban Fellows to its interdisciplinary program for 2017-2018.  This year’s students come from across Georgia State University and Georgia Institute of Technology’s School of City and Regional Planning.

“The Atlanta metropolitan area has become the focal point for urbanization studies and research, and understanding it’s vastly increasing diversity is key to determining best practices for our nation” Samuel Molina (J.D. ’18) said. “I look forward to engaging in crucial discussions about the collective impact that all voices and groups can have on developing our 21st-Century Atlanta metropolitan area.”

“As our world becomes increasingly interconnected and metropolitan areas continues to grow, the people and environment is often a forgotten byproduct of growing economies. The Urban Fellows Program gives me the opportunity to pursue my interest found at the intersection of public health and environmental degradation,” said Logan Stone (J.D. ’19)

“To genuinely know and understand something, you need to view it through the contextual lens of history, influencers, and constraints.  The Urban Fellows program will uniquely provide me the contextual lens to analyze not only my city but also provide the building blocks for analyzing cities everywhere,” said Frank DePalo (J.D./MBA ’19)

Students are carefully selected for the Urban Fellows Program based on clear interest in urban issues demonstrated through volunteer work, academic and professional experience and world travel.  Urban Fellows enrich their studies with discussions about environmental, land use and urban issues with top decision makers through a special lecture series. A hallmark of the program is the opportunity to write an in-depth research paper on an urban issue of personal interest.  Some Urban Fellows students are offered the opportunity to work as graduate research assistants for the Center.

“I’m thrilled by Atlanta’s consistent growth and I can’t wait to learn about urban issues and opportunities from local experts who truly appreciate both the struggles and achievements of the city of Atlanta,” said graduate research assistant Colt Burnett (J.D. ’19).

“As a military brat, I have been exposed to different cities and towns that have their own cultures and strengths.  By far, Atlanta, is a city with an innovative background and that is something that I am excited to explore as an Urban Fellow.  My academic and professional experiences in both my public health graduate program and work as an educator have shown me just how important and interrelated various social, economic, political, and educational determinants are in Atlanta and how they can influence change,” said Breyanna Mikel (MPH ’18).

“Year after year, graduating students tell me that the Urban Fellows Program was the highlight of their graduate school experience,” said Karen Johnston (J.D. ’08), assistant director.

“As I shift my practice focus to land use and environmental law, I am excited to join the Urban Fellows program. I can’t think of a better way to take on the developmental and growth questions facing Atlanta and cities around the world than to collaborate with my colleagues from many backgrounds and disciplines,” said Jonathan Futrell (LL.M. ’18).

“I look forward to another exciting Urban Fellows Program this year as we dive into topics such as affordable housing, wage growth, and urban development.  I also look forward to connecting the new Urban Fellows with our strong alumni base,” Johnston said.

This year’s new Urban Fellows are:

  • Colt Burnett (J.D. ’19)
  • Caitlin Correa (J.D. ‘19)
  • Chad Cox (Masters Public Administration ’18)
  • Frank DePalo (J.D./MBA ’19)
  • Melanie Dieg (Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning MCRP ’18)
  • Andyan Diwangkari (Georgia Tech School of City and Regional Planning MCRP ’18)
  • Jason Drouyor (J.D. ’18)
  • Feifan Drouyor (J.D. ’18)
  • Audra Durham (J.D. ’19)
  • Lauren Fannin (Ph.D. ’18)
  • Jonathan Futrell (LL.M ’18)
  • Garrett Groos (J.D. ’19)
  • Mary Louise Hirt (Georgia Tech MCRP ’18)
  • David Hymel (J.D. ’19)
  • Joowon Jeong (Ph.D. ’20)
  • Erin Johnson (Georgia Tech MCRP ’18)
  • Kently Kelso (J.D. ’18)
  • Brandon Kopp (J.D. ’19)
  • Hae Min Lee (J.D. ’19)
  • Breyanna Mikel (M.P.H. ’18)
  • Caitlin Mildner (Georgia Tech MCRP ’18)
  • Samuel Molina (J.D. ’18)
  • Ralph Morrison
  • Kirill Protasov (M.P.P. ’18)
  • Qudsia Shafiq (J.D. ’18)
  • Logan Stone (J.D. ’19)
  • Sandi Traylor (J.D. ’19)
  • Stuart Wallace (J.D. ’19)
  • Abigail Warren (J.D. ’19)
  • Casey Wilson (J.D. ’19)
  • Diego Zorrilla (J.D. ’19)
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