Kerew Honored for Teaching Excellence With Maleski Award

Kendall Kerew

Kendall Kerew, assistant clinical professor and Externship Program director, received the 2017 Maleski Award.

Kendall L. Kerew, clinical assistant professor and Externship Program director, received the David J. Maleski Award for Teaching Excellence for her innovation in developing and teaching the Externship Seminar, which integrates experiential learning with professional identity formation.

“Professor Kerew’s groundbreaking work on professional identity formation in the Externship Course has received rave reviews from students and from faculty across the country,” said Andrea Curcio, professor of law.

Kerew launched the required one-credit hour seminar in fall 2015 after an extensive development process. “Because there was not a model for what I wanted to do, I had to research a wide variety of materials from legal education and other disciplines,” she said.

It was important to develop a course students would find valuable while also supplementing their externship experience in the field, Kerew said. In the seminar, students’ externship experiences provide a springboard for class discussion and self-exploration.

“The seminar facilitates an understanding and deliberate exploration of each student’s professional identity as a future lawyer,” Kerew said. “The course design was shaped by the concept of lawyer as leader and the essential competencies of the profession. It develops students’ self-awareness as to both strengths and areas for growth in an effort to facilitate self-directed lifelong learning .”

Making a difference in the professional development of future lawyers is rewarding, Kerew said.

“Through the class, I get to know students personally and professionally, and have the opportunity to really help them figure out who they want to be as a lawyer so they are happy and successful in future practice,” she said.

Kerew has presented and shared materials on the Externship Seminar design and teaching methodologies both regionally and nationally.

“We have amazing teachers on our faculty so to receive a teaching excellence award from this faculty is truly flattering,” Kerew said.

“I am especially appreciative of Andi Curio who was enthusiastic about my idea and gave me feedback, even sitting in as a student in the pilot course,” Kerew said. “I am also thankful to Kinda Abdus-Saboor, who co-teaches the seminar and has provided important insights and ideas that have helped shape and fine-tune the seminar.”


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