Alex Stone (J.D. ’17): Serving as a Voice For Those Who Cannot Speak

“Find something you’re passionate about and get involved! Whether you’re passionate about an organization or passionate about a hobby, make time for those things. When you are surrounded by case law, statutes, books and professors, you have to find something to do for you.”

Alex Stone (J.D. ’17)

From the time she was a small child, Alex Stone (J.D. ’17) has been intrigued by criminal law. Her grandfather was an agent with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, and she took a great interest in learning about the people he was investigating.

Stone came to Georgia State Law after graduating from the University of Georgia. She vividly remembers Professor of Law Roy M. Sobelson saying at orientation that a handful of people would not return for their second year of law school.

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Stone worried she may be one of them, but realized if she put in the work and got involved with a student organization, she would be fine. She chose to work with the Public Interest Law Association (PILA) and considers her pro bono contributions to the PILA annual auction among her proudest achievements during law school.

“I was a member of the events committee my first year and did a lot to prepare for the auction the day it took place. In my second year, I co-chaired the auction, and we raised more $20,000 and funded five fellowships for the summer,” Stone said.

Stone received one of the funded fellowships to work in the District Attorney’s Office in the Alcovy Circuit. She worked in the Major Crimes Division. One of her fondest memories was questioning a witness in federal court.

“Before I stood up, I was so nervous – I thought I may throw up,” she said. “After I was done, I felt so accomplished. I felt like if I could do that, I can do anything.”

This year, Stone served as president of PILA and helped schedule pro bono opportunities for other students. Her role with PILA and emphasis on pro bono work earned her the prestigious Georgia State University Public Service Award on Honor’s Day. In addition, she earned the college’s highest distinction for pro bono honors by logging 422 hours in the Pro Bono Recognition Program during her tenure in law school.

“I was so incredibly touched to know that other people notice what I’m doing,” she said. “Pro bono work is very important. Many people wouldn’t have anyone on their side to help if we, as attorneys, couldn’t offer our services free of charge. Pro bono work is also a good reminder of how lucky many of us are, and we are in a great position to help others less fortunate.”

Though she hasn’t lined up a full-time position, yet, Stone wants to be a prosecutor and have the opportunity to be on the victims’ sides.

“I hope that as an attorney, I can be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves,” she said. “I want to speak for victims and families of victims who have been wronged.”

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