Students Thank Dean Kaminshine for His Service

Malissa Patel dean appreciation

Malissa Patel (J.D. ’18) speaks at an appreciation luncheon for Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law, who is stepping down in June.

“How often do you get to interact on a day-to-day basis with the dean of your school like we do with Dean Kaminshine? That’s what I have admired most about him during my two years here—he will take the time out of his day to meet and speak with any student just to hear their thoughts,” said Malissa Patel (J.D. ’18) at an appreciation luncheon for Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law, who is stepping down in June.

Patel, vice president of Student Bar Association, Darlene Childers (J.D.’17), president, and other SBA members organized the luncheon to thank Kaminshine for “his vision and dedication to the school,” Childers said.

Patel spoke about being assigned the task of soliciting a donation from Kaminshine for Georgia State Law’s annual PILA auction when she was a first-year student.

“What amazed me most was that Dean Kaminshine was actually ecstatic to discuss his donation—the dean of this school, who has numerous obligations, made the auction one of his top priorities. He greeted me with open arms, we discussed the perks of the new building, and whether I was adjusting to law school well. And then this year, he approached me first [to discuss what he would donate].”

Patel said it’s unfortunate she and other students didn’t have the opportunity to sit in a class led by Kaminshine—but that they still learned from him.

“I can say with full confidence that the incoming classes will be fortunate to learn from such an admirable professional – one who possesses the sincerity and integrity that Dean Kaminshine does.”

Judge Shawn Ellen LaGrua (J.D. ’87) said she was fortunate to be one of Kaminshine’s students before he became dean. “I took his class only because of his reputation as a teacher,” she said. “He was always accessible to students. His impact on generations of lawyers has been immense.”

LaGrua praised Kaminshine for creating a college that has become well-respected and competitive. “[In the early years] winning moot court competitions was a huge accomplishment—it’s no surprise now,” she said.

Anne Lewis (J.D. ’89) said Kaminshine is also very supportive of alumni. “One of the many great things about being a Georgia State alumni is the care and concern that professors have for you while you’re here, it continues on,” Lewis said. “They are great advocates for the graduates who are learning how to be lawyers, and I thank you for that, Steve. I also thank you for your dedication to getting this new law school. You have this beautiful law school and much of that credit goes to Steve’s undying desire to make sure students who came to Georgia State have this great place to come to.”

Ryan Brown (J.D.’17) shared how much receiving a scholarship to Georgia State Law meant to him, and thanked Kaminshine for his efforts in developing and growing the scholarship opportunities for students during his tenure.

“In January, I sat at a scholarship luncheon with 151 other students at this college who are receiving scholarships. A vast of majority of these scholarships developed under the leadership of Dean Kaminshine—scholarships that are giving students opportunities they never could have dreamed of,” he said. “Without these scholarships, there is a zero percent chance I would be about to graduate law school.

“Thank you from myself, the current students and the former students,” Brown said. ” And no matter what your future holds, no matter what title goes on your next name tag, to me, my peers, and to so many practicing attorneys here in Atlanta, the rest of Georgia and all the way to the borders of this country, you will always be Dean Kaminshine.”

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