Kerew Helps Launch Externship Resource Site for Community

Kendall Kerew, assistant clinical professor and director of the Externship Program, helped launch LexternWeb, a website that is designed to assist law schools in creating and maintaining externship programs like the one at the College of Law.

Kendall Kerew

Kendall Kerew

“The website is a major development for the externship community at the regional, national and international levels,” Kerew said.

The original LexternWeb site was created in 1999 by Professor Sandy Ogilvy (Columbus School of Law, The Catholic University of America) for the benefit and use of faculty and administrators engaged in teaching and coordinating legal externship programs.

“The new version of LexternWeb seeks to continue Professor Ogilvy’s work to promote information sharing and collaboration among externship faculty nationwide and internationally,” Kerew said.

Kerew began work on the website in October through her role as co-chair of the Association of American Law Schools’ Externship Committee. The website launched on Feb. 1 and includes information on the law school externship programs and resources for those teaching externship classes. It also has materials for the externship site supervisors as well as a bibliography of research related to externship programs and links to related professional organizations like the AALS and CLEA externship committees.

Since its launch, LexternWeb has had visitors from 32 countries and has maintained consistent usage. “During the week of March 20 through the 26, 63 percent of the site users were new visitors, while 37 percent were returning visitors,” Kerew said.

Chae Mims (JD ’17) also helped with the website, taking the raw content from Kerew and her team and putting it on the site.

“The most interesting part for me was seeing the various externship programs all over the country and how much of a community exists among these programs,” Mims said. “Externships are such a valuable opportunity, and schools work really hard to provide it,”

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