Center for Intellectual Property

Center for Intellectual Property To Promote Collaboration

ATLANTA—Building upon the reputation of its Intellectual Property program, Georgia State University College of Law has created the Center for Intellectual Property, which will coordinate intellectual property programs, initiatives and provide opportunities for students, academics and IP professionals to collaborate.

“The center will allow us to expand our offerings by bringing in professors from the United States and foreign countries to lecture and broaden our international footprint, which will really put Georgia State Law on the global IP map,” said Michael Landau, professor of law and center co-director.

“The Center for Intellectual Property is the culmination of extraordinary efforts that have been taking place at Georgia State Law over the last 23 years to build and expand our program,” said Yaniv Heled, assistant professor of law and center co-director. “The center will strengthen the academic component of our robust IP program and streamline its various components and many initiatives.”

During the past decade, Georgia State Law has developed a broad range of IP programs and initiatives, including a curriculum of 18 courses, which provided the foundation for the center. Georgia State Law will further its collaboration with other university programs, Georgia Institute of Technology and other institutions to advance intellectual property research and provide a platform for policy and legislation proposals.

“The Intellectual Property Program has been an area of excellence for our college, with a great reputation in the community,” said Steven J. Kaminshine, dean and professor of law. “We are excited that the center will expand our offerings for students interested in pursing careers in IP law and for industry professionals.”

The Intellectual Property Advisory Board of alumni who are active in the industry was instrumental to the development of the center, Heled said.

“We are extremely fortunate to have the advisory board that we have,” Heled said. “Their work and support made the Center for Intellectual Property possible.”

The center will continue to sponsor scholarships, competitions and career fairs for students and offer several networking opportunities for professionals, such as the Corporate IP Roundtable and Corporate IP Institute.

In addition, the center will pursue new programs, including a speaker series with the Center for Law, Health & Society, along with the Hot Topics in Intellectual Property series and an entrepreneurship clinic. The center also will host the second annual bioip Workshop for faculty in May.

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