Juergensmeyer’s Updated Property CDs Available

The third edition of the Sum and Substance Property CD series has been released, featuring University of Richmond’s Professor Carol Brown and Georgia State Law’s Julian C. Juergensmeyer, Ben F. Johnson Jr. Chair of Law.

With more than 12 hours of property case law instruction, the 11-CD set provides a comprehensive study aid for law students. “[The new edition] updates  and responds to student comments and keeps up with changing coverage in property casebooks,” Juergensmeyer says.

Juergensmeyer first recorded  audios on Property Law  in 1981 and they have been released by several different publishing companies in 33 years. The just-released third edition by West Publishing Co. is the first in which Juergensmeyer has paired up with another professor.

“Twelve hours is a long time to listen to one person, so Professor Brown and I split up the areas of coverage. The added help also provided a different perspective,” Juergensmeyer says. “She’s a young property law professor and we wanted to give different perspectives on exam-taking and studying tips.”

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