study space, Warsaw

Center Prepares for Next Study Space Program in Warsaw

In June, Georgia State University College of Law’s Center for the Comparative Study for Metropolitan Growth will take a cohort of scholars, planners, attorneys and urbanists to Warsaw, Poland for its eighth Study Space Program.  The program will take place at the University of Warsaw’s Foundation Centre of Disputes and Conflicts Resolution at the Faculty of Law.

The week-long program will feature the remarkable post-World War II reconstruction of Warsaw, provide historical and political context to the city’s reconstruction, and use the past as a guide to understanding today’s planning goals from the socio-economic perspective. For example, participants will visit the Old Town and learn about how paintings by Canaletto aided in the reconstruction of the city to its near original form. Tours outside the Old City will demonstrate to participants how betterment reconstruction led to areas redesigned to accommodate the growing city’s needs, while lectures about housing issues and squatters and reprivitization will demonstrate the challenges of reconstruction. As a result of collaborative and comparative learning, participants will leave the experience with a greater understanding of how to create a resilient city.

Past Study Space Programs include:

  • Beyond Affordable Housing:  An Interdisciplinary Multinational Approach to Adequate Housing Options (Barcelona, Spain 2014)
  • Planning for Disaster:  Place, Population, Culture and the Environment (Istanbul, Turkey 2013)
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Rio:  Cultural Diversity, Property and the Environment (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2010)
  • The Use and Control of Space and Institutions for Social Transformation:  The Case of Medellin (Medellin, Colombia 2009)
  • Private and Public Lands in the Post-Colonial North American West (Denver, Colorado 2008)
  • Property, the Environment and Cultural Diversity in Colombia (Bogota, Colombia 2008)
  • Panama’s Explosive Urban Growth (la Ciudad de Panama, Panama 2007)
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