Lucas article in Womein and the Law

Lucas Included in Thomson Reuters’ Women and the Law Publication

Lauren Sudeall Lucas’ article, “A Dilemma of Doctrinal Design: Rights, Identity and the Work-Family Conflict,” will be included in the Thomson Reuters 2014 edition of Women and the Law. The article was previously published as part of a spring 2013 symposium in the Florida International University Law Review.

“I am honored to have my piece included among such a remarkable group of articles,” says Lucas, an assistant professor of law. “The volume touches on so many important topics—including reproductive rights, violence against women, and issues of work and family—and I am glad to have contributed just a small sliver to the larger picture of how the law impacts women today.”

Thomson Reuters publishes the book annually on diverse topics where the law and gender intersect, highlighting selected examples of legal scholarship. Tracy Thomas, professor of law at the University of Akron School of Law, is the editor.

Lucas’s article suggests that the rights-based framework of gender discrimination doctrine is well suited to questions of exclusion and overt discrimination but may in fact be unhelpful to what she calls “second-generation” questions arising from the work-family conflict.

Lucas’s questions include: how to make choices regarding work and family once afforded an initial level of equality; how to practically exercise the rights women now possess; and how to resolve the identity conflict faced by men and women struggling to be both the ideal parent and the model employee.

“Doctrine tells us much about what we are or are not entitled to and how others are forbidden from treating us, but little about who we are or want to be as individuals; the former may be necessary but is not sufficient to determine the latter,” Lucas writes.

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