Linda DiSantis (J.D. ’88)

Linda DiSantis (J.D. ’88)

Posted On April 7, 2014
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… It makes a difference in people’s lives in the changing global economy

By Linda DiSantis (J.D. ’88)

Why law matters to me encompasses two different things – one small and one big.  The “small” reason is my own personal growth and development. The study of law opened up my mind and my ability to contribute in ways I never anticipated. In addition to being able to serve clients, I developed the analytical skills to provide service to many organizations over the years.  But more importantly, law matters to me because of the importance of the rule of law and what it means for order and justice in the world. I had the privilege during my career to work internationally in both developed and developing countries. As a part of a large global business, I saw how important it was for business to have the certainty provided by a stable and just legal system. Making investments in a country where the rule of law is not respected creates risk, which may require a business to look elsewhere. The lack of stable legal systems and respect for the rule of law in developing counties can create barriers to individual achievement as well. When I worked for an international charity focused on poverty elimination, I saw how the lack of a legitimate legal system can undermine efforts to support people as they work to improve their lives and lift themselves out of poverty. For example, a woman may, with the help of international aid organizations, be able to achieve economic independence. However, the lack of a legitimate legal system can result in her losing her business when her husband dies because the law does not support her as an independent breadwinner. Providing economic opportunity must be accompanied with a legitimate legal system, free of corruption, which supports individuals as they seek economic independence.

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