Class of 2013 Sworn In

“You are about to enter a profession of service to your clients and community,” Judge C.J. Becker (J.D. ’87) said before swearing recent graduates into the Superior Court of Georgia and state bar on Nov. 15. “Serve, honor and respect the law and never trade on your good name.”

A total of 89 alumni, including those from the Class of 2013 raised their right hands and took oaths for the Superior Court, Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court of Georgia during the annual Georgia State Law Swearing In Ceremony.

“Passing the bar was such a huge relief,” said Jennifer McCall (J.D. ’13), a mother of three who attended the ceremony with her boss, Arturo Corso (J.D. ’96). She will be working to expand Corso’s practice representing non-citizens with immigration issues.

Justice P. Harris Hines of the Supreme Court of Georgia, Presiding Judge Herbert E. Phipps of the Court of Appeals of Georgia and Becker of the Superior Court of Georgia for the Stone Mountain Circuit administered the oaths.

Phipps administered the oath to 85 alumni for the state Court of Appeals. Hines swore in 89 to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

“You are indispensable people of the law,” Hines told alumni. “Look at things with an eye toward kindness.”

In keeping with that advice, Max Holland (J.D.’13) will head to Brazil as a Fulbright Scholar, where he will work at a teaching university to help improve students’ English language skills and knowledge of the United States.

“Now that I’m [sworn in] a lawyer, the influence I have obligates me to bettering society,” Holland said.

Leanna Jordan (J.D./M.S.H.A. ’13) is looking forward to starting her job as a procurement and contracts manager for the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority in December.

“It was the most exciting thing passing the bar but also nerve-wracking,” Jordan said, as classmate Sarah Ketchie (J.D. ’13) chimed in, “it was cathartic release.”

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