Juergensmeyer Updates Land Use Treatise

Posted On February 27, 2013
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Professor Julian Conrad Juergensmeyer has released a student version of his newly updated third edition of Land Use Planning and Development Regulation Law. The text was co-written by Thomas E. Roberts, a professor at Wake Forest University School of Law and released as part of the Hornbook Series by West Publishing Co.

The updated book provides an overview of urban and city planning issues along with special discussions on environmental regulations, historic preservation and agricultural use.

The hornbook is an abridged version of the practitioner series third edition that was released in 2012.
Juergensmeyer is the Ben F. Johnson Jr. Professor of Law and director of the Center for the Comparative Study of Metropolitan Growth. As a pioneer in the development of infrastructure finance oriented  regulations such as impact fees, he has participated in developing growth management and capital improvement programs and litigation in more than 25 states. Juergensmeyer’s research also considers smart growth regulations, the use of renewable energy and resource conservation.

Juergensmeyer joined Georgia State Law in January 2000. He previously was a professor of law at Tulane University and University of Florida. He has written extensively on land use planning law, property law and environmental law.

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