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Posted On January 9, 2013
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Thursday, Jan. 10 editor Ken Kimsey urged readers this week to explore and submit entries to, a Web-based project led by Carolyn Benne of the Georgia State University Consortium on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution at the College of Law. Benne has been seeking resources, advocates and opportunities for her Restorative Justice Clearinghouse database since 2008 and aims to further improve the site’s offerings this year.CNCR_headshot_carolynbenne-sm

The online database for scholars and practitioners has been a valuable tool for many in the field of restorative justice, which focuses on offenders’ and victims’ needs over court action. Over time, it became apparent that the idea behind restorative justice was too complex for a simple database.

Along with consortium research director Gregory Todd Jones (J.D. ’03), Benne is developing tools to will help connect members of the restorative justice community with other scholars and advocates. Instead of presenting static lists of information and links, the new website asks users to submit a definition of restorative justice grounded in the context in which they work. Responses are cataloged and mapped visually to illustrate relationships and intersections of users and ideas.

The site also includes a blog featuring numerous contributors who consider criminal justice, conflict resolution, education and other hot topics in the news.

Benne has worked with the consortium since 1996. In addition to managing, she writes and presents research, designs and evaluates conflict management systems, and conducts trainings for adults and children.

Learn more about the project at or submit your restorative justice definition at

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