M. Todd Westfall (J.D. ’85)

(April 8, 2010) Todd Westfall Serves as Real Property Foreclosure Seminar Chairperson for 10th Year

Todd Westfall Serves as Real Property Foreclosure Seminar Chairperson for 10th Year

Every year since 2000, M. Todd Westfall, managing partner at Howick, Westfall, McBryan, & Kaplan, LLP, has served as chairperson for the Institute of Continuing Education of Georgia and the Real Property Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia’s spring foreclosure seminar.  The seminar, Real Property Foreclosure, was held April 1, 2010 at the State Bar of Georgia Building in Atlanta.  This seminar has long been recognized as the preeminent seminar for foreclosure attorneys in Georgia.  Over 130 Georgia lawyers attended the day-long event and an additional 30 attendees participated via telecast in Tifton and Savannah, Georgia.   Attendees earned 6 Continuing Legal Education Units for their participation.

As chairperson, Mr. Westfall has several distinct responsibilities.  Two of the most important are choosing relevant seminar topics and selecting appropriate speakers. Mr. Westfall’s unique insight to the foreclosure practice, having conducted literally thousands of foreclosures over the past 25 years, gives him a keen understanding into the subtle nuances of the foreclosure process and real world practical solutions to the issues that face foreclosure attorneys.  His longevity in the practice also provides an opportunity to identify those presenters who can make substantial contributions to the seminar.

The 2010 seminar presenters featured over a dozen attorneys with foreclosure related expertise. Three other non-legal professionals gave presentations geared to the foreclosure process from the architectural, engineering and business perspectives.

Lawrence F. Jones, Executive Director of the Institute of Continuing Legal Education in Georgia, wrote in the Seminar’s Written Material Foreword, “The Institute is especially grateful to our outstanding seminar chairperson, M. Todd Westfall, for providing the necessary leadership, organization, and supervision that has brought this program into a reality.”

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