Georgia Abortion Bill Violates Privacy Rights

ATLANTA—A bill filed last week in Georgia that would make it a felony to solicit or coerce a woman to have an abortion based on the race, color or sex of a fetus or parent violates the First Amendment rights of clinics as well as women’s rights to privacy, according to Georgia State University College of Law Professor L. Lynn Hogue.

“It’s absurd that the law would purport to identify certain reasons that you could not use–or could not have–as a reason for having an abortion,” Hogue said in an interview with National Public Radio’s Kathy Lohr.

“They may not appeal to everybody, but certainly the reason for having an abortion is you don’t want to carry a pregnancy to term. And whatever reason shapes that decision is constitutionally protected.”

To read the full story and hear Lohr’s piece on NPR’s Morning Edition, go to the NPR website.

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