Visiting Law Professor on Relationship Between Rainforest, its People

As swaths of the Amazon rainforest continue to be leveled, environmentalists there are trying to figure out how to protect what is perhaps the world’s most important ecological treasure.

Add to the equation the needs of the people indigenous to the forest areas, and the situation becomes increasingly complicated, says Solange Teles, a law professor… more »

Lombardo Consults on Feature Film

When travelers made their way to the New World in the early 20th Century, during one of this country’s most massive waves of immigration, they were greeted at Ellis Island with a battery of tests, both physical and mental.

The tests, according to Georgia State University law professor Paul Lombardo, were aimed at keeping out… more »

Leslie Wolf Publishes Study on Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Research

Georgia State University Law Professor Leslie Wolf has published a study on the role of institutional review boards (IRBs) in helping to prevent conflicts of interest in clinical research. There is growing concern about such conflicts, including research sponsors paying finders’ fees to researchers and clinicians to recruit participants, which may compromise the integrity of… more »

Visiting Judge Akira Yasumi Studies U.S. Courts

ATLANTA–Where Akira Yasumi comes from, the right to trial by jury doesn’t exist — yet.

In the courts of Japan, where Yasumi is a district court judge, criminal cases are decided by three professional judges, who also hand down sentences. A new system going into effect in May of this year, called Saiban-in, is a… more »